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Chambers & Co – Placement and improvement in law firm rankings


In the past, rankings were mostly aimed at large units, but now small firms and solo practitioners have also found their way into rankings.

In-House Counsels as well as other decision makers have to justify their decision when choosing a law firm. Rankings are a big part of this so-called “cover-your-ass” strategy. Therefore, law firms that are not represented in rankings are often eliminated before – and not during – the selection process.

Rankings also enable you to increase the hourly rate of your fees for existing clients – by 15 to 30%.

Law Business has a proven track record of helping law firms such as DORDA, PHH, Kanzlei Dr. Bettina Hörtner, MEYER-DULHEUER & PARTNER, WALDER WYSS and others to achieve a better ranking or to be included in top rankings. These are large law firms as well as smaller law firms and “one-person-shows”.

We support your law firm with your Law Firm Rankings efforts in the following areas:


Selection of rankings suitable for you

There are almost 2,000 law firm rankings worldwide.
We help you to choose the most suitable rankings for your law firm.

We also name you the “rankings” that should be avoided at all costs because these publications are simply fraudulent.

Inhouse counsels and lawyers are now familiar with the fraudulent rankings. Law firms that use such rankings therefore risk lasting damage to their reputation.

Client-referee -Management

Client referee Management

Client referee feedback is an essential factor for a good rating at Chambers & Co.
The selection of the client references is often based on the hierarchy level of the client references only.

The most important thing is to get a good quote from the client referees.

This includes correctly selecting the client references and guiding them through the feedback process.

We help you to get the best feedback from your client references for rankings.

Please find here our support process.


Conducting submissions

We carry out for you the complete submissions for e.g. Chambers / Legal 500 and others.

In doing so, we develop recommendations as to which matters (deals) should be used for the submission and prepare submission texts ready for dispatch.

Since we have been supporting law firms with their ranking efforts since 2004, we know exactly what content the rankings want to hear.

We obtain the information for the creation of the matters in a structured way from interviews with you and your partners and from the analysis of your marketing and pitch documents.

The texts are created by our native speakers from UK/US as well as from Germany (JUVE and Legal 500 Germany accept submissions only in German). All data will only be released and sent to the rankings after consultation with the respective partners.


Interviews Partner & Interviews Client referees

An interview with researchers of the respective rankings is important for a good ranking.

Client references must also be notified accordingly.

We help partners prepare for interviews with ranking researchers and also provide written materials for the interview.

We also support you in the communication of your client referees with the rankings.


Lobbying and creation of executive attention with the rankings

We represent your concerns – always only based on comprehensible data and facts – to the rankings.

In this way we create executive attention that is more effective from third parties than through objections from a law firm.
Due to our objective approach, we naturally already have a correspondingly high standing with the rankings.

Of course we are also responsible for the extension of the delivery deadlines.


Review of existing submission documents

If you prepare your submission documents yourself, you will receive suggestions from us for improving the documents.

We base our suggestions on our experience built up since 2004 and can quickly tell you where there is still work to be done.
We not only look at the submissions, but also at the composition of the client references.

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