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Chambers and Partners: Own site for Germany and France from 2024

Chambers and Partners launches 2024 with a dedicated page for Germany and France: More opportunities and work for law firms.

Chambers is further improving its offering and is launching its own country site for the German market with “Chambers Germany”. What can we expect from Chambers Germany?

Overview of the innovations:

1. In-depth regional research

Chambers speaks of comprehensive regional research.  This sounds very much like a direct competitor to JUVE’s „law firm ranking by region“. The latter is divided into the regions „Central, North, East, South, Southwest and West“ for Germany. 

This is also a direct positioning to the city focus of Legal 500, where a distinction is made between major German cities.

It can be assumed that Chambers is aiming for a similar subdivision. This is above all a signal for smaller regional law firms. Similar to JUVE, these can now compete in a separate ranking that does not include large law firms.

2. Presentation in several guides (manuals)

Chambers is giving German and French law firms the opportunity to appear in both the local editions of Chambers and the global edition. This will have a similar structure to Chambers Global and Chambers Europe.
As with Chambers Global and Chambers Europe, there will probably be differences in the areas of law.

For example, Chambers Europe usually lists more areas of law for a country than the Chambers Global edition. It can also be assumed that there will be a greater subdivision within the areas of law in Chambers Germany.

3. Research NOT in German

The research will NOT be conducted in German. That is surprising since Chambers announced that the researcher will be native speakers.

Legal 500 Germany conducts the research in German. The German Legal 500 submission form differs from the Legal 500 EMEA version in a few but very important chapters.

4. Publication in German and English

Chambers Germany will be published in both German and English.

5. Time of research, more stress for law firms

The first submission deadline will be March 2024. This places Chambers exactly on the JUVE march deadline and before Legal 500 Germany (May).

This is very noticeable and will cause law firms significantly more stress. This is because Chambers and JUVE naturally do not require 100% of the same submissions.

Law firms will therefore have to collect more data in the same amount of time.

6. Publication

Chambers Germany will be published for the first time in February 2025.

7. All legal areas at once?

It is interesting to see whether Chambers, analogous to JUVE and Legal 500, will now list almost all areas of law for Chambers Germany.

8. Registration and further information

According to Chambers, further information on the search and registration deadlines will be available in December. Please note: Chambers refers to the obligation of law firms to register for Chambers Germany.

Conclusion of the changes and their significance for law firms

  • By broadening the ranking and adding regional categories, German law firms will have significantly more opportunities to be included in the Chambers ranking.
  • Very important: Smaller law firms, which are primarily active regionally, will now have much easier chances of being ranked. Similar to JUVE, the creation of regional categories will give them their own ranking, which will be virtually protected from the large law firms.
  • The stress will be significantly higher for German law firms in March. JUVE and Chambers will have to be submitted at the same time. However, since JUVE and Chambers are not 100% identical, law firms will have to collect more data in the same period.

Conclusion Differences to JUVE and Legal 500 Germany

  • JUVE and Legal 500 Germany both have different regional breakdowns.
  • While JUVE breaks it down by region, Legal 500 segments Germany by major German cities.
  • It is not yet clear which route Chambers will take. However, since Chambers is talking about regions, the JUVE variant is more likely.
  • This is also supported by the March deadline. JUVE also has its annual deadline in March, with the exception of Tax, for example.

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