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We support law firms and patent attorneys by providing management advice as well as by implementing concepts and solutions.
Clients quotes: "Market leader" - "Without a doubt number one in the market"
Best Practice
Best Practice
We have built up our best practice know-how since 2004.
Planung und Umsetzung
Not only consulting but also implementation of concepts and recommendations.
We are exclusively specialised on the legal sector.
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Our customers are units of all sizes – from large law firms to medium-sized firms to private practices.
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We support you in these areas of law firm management and partner development

Kanzlei Rankings

Chambers & Co - Placement and improvement in law firm rankings

We help you and your law firm to be recognised and ranked in the most important rankings and improve an already existing ranking of yourself, your partners and your law firm…
Digital Sales

Digital law firm marketing and digital sales for law firms

We help you to promote your law firm via digital channels and show you how you can sell your services digitally to your target groups…

Law firm marketing, positioning and profitability

We draw up marketing and sales plans for you, determine appropriate budgets and help you with the implementation of the marketing measures. We support you in defining your firm’s market positioning and improve the profitability of your firm…

Litigation PR - Case accompanying, strategic public relations

We help you and your client not to lose success achieved in the courtroom in the eyes of the public. Before the start of the trial, we support you with communication planning…

Sales coaching & training for partners and lawyers

We help you to organise your sales processes and increase your sales skills. We train you in interpersonal sales skills, in presentations skills and in the use of digital sales tools…

Negotiation training for lawyers

We help you to increase your negotiating competence, achieve better negotiation results and improve your ability to solve negotiating problems.

Clients & Quotes

The 3rd IWR Camp was also a great success. Younger colleagues, but also “old timers”, a total of almost 50 participants were again enthusiastic about a legal “teach-in”, this time on the topic of “Acquisition – Sales Skills for Lawyers”. Under the excellent leadership of Mr. Alexander Gendlin, the participants directly processed in small practical working groups the contents acquired immediately beforehand and implemented them with excellent professional guidance. As co-organizer, I asked all participants to evaluate the event and received positive feedback without exception. They all found the seminar excellent from a technical point of view and – despite the digital format – were enthusiastic about the organization and the division of knowledge transfer and direct practical application. Many participants praised Mr. Gendlin’s confident presentation and his competent and understandable manner. We can unreservedly recommend Mr. Gendlin here: he knows the subject matter and the legal market in detail and understands how to communicate the material in a first-class manner and motivate the attendees to participate actively throughout – he is the first choice in the market for this area.
Dr. Adi Seffer, German Bar Association, Section for International Business Law
IWR Camp co-organizer and Prime Partners law firm partner Dr. Adi Seffer
Law Business has supported us in sharpening our market positioning. In a workshop the market positioning of law firms within the Swiss legal market was analyzed. Based on this analysis, we were able to define our positioning in the market more precisely so that we could address the right target groups with our services and our external communication. The analyses was carried out in the workshop. Mr. Gendlin was responsible for the planning and conducting of this workshop. The workshop was very goal oriented and the work results were valuable for the further development of our marketing strategy and communications. Mr. Gendlin was a competent moderator and adviser and one could see quickly that he knows the legal industry very well.
Managing Partner Dr. Didier Sangiorgio
WALDER WYSS Rechtsanwälte
Law Business has provided us with valuable consulting regarding the new orientation and definition of the job profile of our business development / marketing department head. Mr. Gendlin was responsible for providing the know how – he knows the material very well, and was able to demonstrate that impressively to our equity partners.
Dr. Friedrich Jergitsch
Managing Partner, FRESHFIELDS BRUCKHAUS DERINGER Rechtsanwälte
Law Business assisted us in the formulation of a petition that was presented to a political body. The task for Law Business was to identify the most important facts for our communication strategy from the court proceedings that had been ongoing up to that point, and to formulate them in a way that was comprehensible to legal laypersons. In addition, Law Business advised on strategic communication issues. Such strategic reflection is very helpful, providing a valuable outside perspective and based on a great deal of experience in the legal industry. Mr Alexander Gendlin acted for Law Business in this regard and we were absolutely satisfied with his support. He understands how to abstract legal processes and present them in a very understandable way for non-lawyers. He supported the data selection with valuable questions and created a template that was very well understood by the target group. I can strongly recommend Law Business. It is not easy to find someone who is well versed in absorbing legal facts and then formulating these facts, that are complex even for lawyers, in a way that is understandable for lay people.
Equity Partner Andreas Penner
Rechtsanwälte PPP Pittrof, Penner, Reimer & Partner
Among other services, we have commissioned Law Business to carry out ranking submissions for us over a number of years. During this cooperation, we were ranked in Legal 500 and IAM Patent 1000 for the first time. Law Business guided us through the ranking process in a very understandable way. The Law Business team knows the material at hand and the legal industry very well, and I was particularly helped by the team’s clear communication. For us, Law Business is the leading provider, I can clearly recommend the company.
Jürgen Feldmeier, LL.M.
Managing Partner PRUEFER & PARTNER
Law Business has supported us from 2015 to 2021 by preparing and submitting our ranking documents to top international rankings. During this time, we gained inclusion in the Chambers, JUVE and Legal 500 rankings and were also able to increase our ranking after our initial inclusion. Throughout this time, Law Business has guided us very competently through what has become a rather time-consuming ranking process. For us, Law Business is without a doubt the number one in the market when it comes to providing advice on rankings – not only do they have very comprehensive knowledge of the ranking material, but they are also very well connected with the editorial teams of the respective rankings. I can recommend Law Business here without reservations.
Robert Prchal
Euity Partner Anwaltsbüro Prchal
Law Business handled the complete compilation of our ranking submissions for us for several years. During this time, we were able to improve our rankings in Chambers and Partners, JUVE and Legal 500. The great advantage of Law Business is that they have excellent knowledge of the market and, through years of working with law firms, simply know exactly what to send to the rankings. This is not only about the textual formulation of content. At Law Business, they also know quantitative data – for example, what kind of clients with what turnover and with what legal and economic facts have a significant impact on the rankings. I can therefore recommend Law Business without reservation. The team acts professionally and proactively at every level and brings a clearly noticeable amount of work relief. For me, Law Business is by far the Austrian market leader in working with law firm rankings.
Equity Partner Rainer Kaspar
PHH Prochaska Havranek Rechtsanwälte GmbH & Co KG

Portal “Rank the Law Firm Rankings” launched

In order to bring some clarity into the jungle of law firm rankings such as e.g. Chambers, the world’s first portal for evaluating law firm rankings, the Law Firm Rankings Report (, has now been launched.

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