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Negotiation training for lawyers​

The daily challenges of legal work are unique. Lawyers of all disciplines are confronted with the requirement to offer outstanding professional qualifications and at the same time to demonstrate negotiating skills, communication skills and problem-solving orientation in order to achieve fast, cost-effective and individually optimized results for their clients.
We support you in the following areas:

Be optimally prepared quickly

Preparation accounts for up to 80% of the negotiation result.

Efficient preparation of the most important linchpins of a negotiation can mean the difference between success and defeat. But there is one thing that none of us have: time.

You go home with a checklist that you can apply in a flash to be prepared for competitive and collaborative negotiation moments in no time.


Competitive and collaborative negotiation

Every negotiation situation is different. So is every negotiator.

Good negotiators know how to quickly recognize which type of negotiation is the other side, how to adapt to it, and whether a competitive or collaborative approach will lead to better results.

In many situations, the real art is to be able to apply competitive and collaborative negotiation tactics simultaneously without compromising one by the other.


Value Optimising Negotiating with the Harvard System

In the modern legal profession, pure win-lose solutions are a thing of the past.

More and more clients want creative problem solvers, not bloodhounds.

We show you how to use creative and interest-based negotiation to achieve a focus on added value and a win-win solution even in tricky situations.


Optimising client satisfaction

Many lawyers are convinced that only the result counts for the satisfaction of their clients.

However, studies of the last decades prove the opposite.

The process of representation, from the initial meeting to the preparations for the negotiations, is today regarded as the decisive factor in determining whether a client will come back to you. The underlying communication for this success is directly linked to the strengths and skills of a good negotiator, and we are therefore directly involved.