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“Chambers Insight” – How to properly read and apply the findings

“Chambers Insight” (formerly “Insight Reports”) is certainly an expensive tool. How nice were the old days when Law Firm Rankings provided this information free of charge upon request. But fair is fair, even Law Firm Rankings have to finance themselves.

However, is the information in reports like “Chambers Insight” useful?

Well, it depends. If you are unsure about the success of your submission in the coming year, such a report is helpful. It does provide you with information that can help. Chambers here refers to “trajectories” on which your firm and your practice groups are located. 

It is important for you to analyse the information in the report and check whether the statements from “market sources” in the report can actually be true. 

If not, confront Chambers with the contradictions that you have found. Here you need to point out incorrect or sometimes downright insulting statements. To accomplish this, use standard methodologies from negotiation training. Such methodologies can be used, for example, to show patterns of lies.

However, don´t let the report drive you made. Chambers likes to quote “market sources” without actually saying who they are structurally (Lawyers? Clients?) 

We are available to answer any questions you may have as to the extent to which you should purchase such a report. Also, we can show you how to read the report correctly and how to detect false statements.

We will be happy to answer your initial questions free of charge by mail or phone.

Alternatively, you can find relevant advice in my book “Compass Law Firm Rankings” (C H Beck, Manz, Stämpfli)“.

Law Business Managing Partner, Alexander Gendlin