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Portal “Rank the Law Firm Rankings” launched

In order to bring some clarity into the jungle of law firm rankings such as e.g. Chambers, the world’s first portal for evaluating law firm rankings, the Law Firm Rankings Report (, has now been launched.

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IAM Patent 1000 Deadline on 26.9.2022

The summer vacations are coming to an end, so it’s time for another deadline. One of the most important specialty rankings for patent law, IAM Patent 1000, this week set its annual deadline as 9.26.2022. You can submit if…

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Chambers EMEA deadline just after Legal 500

No sooner is the Legal 500 EMEA done on 8.08. than Chambers is already in the starting blocks. On 7.09. countries from EMEA can submit to Chambers. The fragmentation of the legal fields that can be submitted per country is much higher in Chambers than in Legal 500…

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“Chambers Inside” – How to properly read and apply the findings

“Chambers Inside” (formerly “Inside Reports”) is certainly an expensive tool. How nice were the old days when Law Firm Rankings provided this information free of charge upon request. But fair is fair, even Law Firm Rankings have to finance themselves.
But is the information in reports like “Chambers Inside” useful?

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