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Support process law firm rankings overview

How do we go about preparing your complete documents for submission to rankings?

In orange, the steps are marked that should be carried out by the law firm.

1. Initial data sorting

  • Your law firm sends us the raw data – if not already available from previous collaborations with us – relevant to the submission in German and/or English.
  • Such data includes, for example, previous submissions, deals, references, pitches, informal emails etc.
  • We collect and structure this data accordingly.
  • This applies to both submissions and client referees.

2. Draft v1 - Creating the first ranking draft and collecting the first feedback

  • From the data provided to us, Law Business prepares the first draft for submission (“Draft v1”).
  • We will then send you this draft.
  • In this draft, we include precise instructions as to which information is missing and where.
  • Your law firm enters this information – in keywords – into the draft.

3. Draft v2 - Texting of the submission

  • After collecting the information, we write the entire submission for your law firm.
  • We also enrich the law firm information with web research.
  • When writing the texts, we use the best practices we have developed since 2004.
  • We also finalise the client references here.
  • All these changes are incorporated in the second draft (“Draft v2”).

4. Approval of the draft v2 - Completion of the submission.

  • We send the draft v2 to you for approval / final feedback.
  • Here, the law firm provides any feedback that is still open and then approves the document.
  • This applies to submissions and client referees.
  • After we have received your approval of the texting, we upload the files to the ranking.


  • With reminders by email, we politely but firmly point out to partners what feedback is still missing and how much time is left before the deadline.