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Support process law firm rankings overview

How do we go about preparing your complete submission documents for rankings?

1. Initial data sorting

Collecting and structuring submission-relevant raw data (previous submissions, deals, references, pitches, informal emails, etc.).

This applies to both submissions and client references.

2. Creating the first submission draft

From the raw data, Law Business creates the first draft for a submission to the ranking.

3. Collecting missing information

After creating the first draft, we write precise instructions to your law firm which ranking-relevant information is missing.  

Your law firm provides this information – in keywords – directly into the first draft document.

4. Texting of the submission, second draft

After collecting the additional information, we text the entire submission for your law firm. We also enrich the submission with web research. When writing the texts, we use the best practices we have developed since 2004.

We also finalise the client references at this stage.

5. Approval & Upload

After we have received your approval of the texting, we upload the files into the rankings’ website.

6. Reminder & Control

In addition, we use reminders and contact you – politely but firmly – to ensure that we receive the necessary information and approvals from the partners in good time.

Review of existing documents

If you have prepared the documents yourself and would like us to check them, we are of course happy to review them.

We will check:

– whether the documents are complete

the information according to our best practice benchmarks (collected since 2004) is sufficient to get into the ranking compared to other law firms

the texts contain all important information for the rankings

the texts are written in a language / formulation suitable for the rankings

How to contact us

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Or you can us at +43 1 320 23 28.