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Annual conference on law firm business management with leading law firm partners

Annual conference on law firm business management with leading law firm partners

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External seminars in Vienna – Hotel Bristol:


Annual conference on law firm business management – Law Business conducts seminar with leading law firm partners

Together with the MANZ publishing house Law Business Managing Director Alexander Gendlin is organizing the annual conference on law firm business management. Mr. Gendlin will be the conference chairman as well as a lectorduring the conference, which will take place on the 9.3.2016 at the Hotel Bristol in Vienna.

The following leading experts and law firm partners will be providing their Know how as lecturers and co-lecturers:

  • Saskia Wallner, Global Partner & CEO Ketchum Publico
  • Günther Jauck, Partner and Co-Founder TJP Advisory & Management Services GmbH
  • Felix Hörlsberger, Managing Partner DORDA BRUGGER JORDIS Attorneys at law
  • Roman Rericha, Partner BRANDL & TALOS Attorneys at law
  • Oliver Stauber, Lawyer CMS REICH-ROHRWIG HAINZ
    Bernd Taucher, Partner GRAF PATSCH TAUCHER Attorneys at law

The event topics in details

Law Firm Rankings: Alexander Gendlin / Felix Hörlsberger

  • How to select the right rankings
  • Compiling the appropriate information for the rankings
  • Selection and training of employees for ranking tasks
  • Use of basic project management techniques for ranking work (avoid feedback-chaos, optimal control of the workflow, clear delegation of responsibilities)

Business Development (BD) & Sales: Alexander Gendlin / Bernd Taucher

  • How to adapt BD & Sales processes to law firms´ special needs
  • How to continuously and systemically create new contacts for client acquisition
  • How do you generate additional mandates from existing clients

Public Relations (PR): Saskia Wallner / Roman Rericha

  • Industry-specific requirements of the legal industry to PR
  • How to successfully place PR messages in the media
  • What communication channels besides the media work are useful to lawyers
  • Litigation PR

Cost Cutting and Spending Optimization: Günther Jauck / Oliver Stauber

  • Identifying and implementing savings potentials in a law firm
  • „Find the money“ (Money in the air)
  • „Get the money“ (Money on the table)
  • „Keep the money“ (Money in your pocket)

Link to the Manz Website as well as to the registration for the conference

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