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C. H. Beck Law Firm Rankings Seminar in Munich and Frankfurt – Alexander Gendlin Lector

C. H. Beck Law Firm Rankings Seminar in Munich and Frankfurt – Alexander Gendlin Lector

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External seminar in Munich and Frankfurt:

Successful participation in Law Firm Rankings: How to achieve a good position within the relevant Rankings – Law Business Seminars in Munich & Frankfurt

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Seminar topics details in English

Selecting the right Rankings

  • Which Rankings are suitable for which firm types of law firms and what areas of law?
  • KO criteria and examples of dubious offers

Gathering appropriate information for Rankings

  • Which cases are suitable for Rankings and what kind of content should you focus on?
  • What kind of information do Rankings want to see?
  • How to deal with confidential remarks

Client Referees  

  • How to correctly choose the right Client Referees
  • Briefing of the Client Referees before interviews
  • Client Referee Tracking

Appropriate Contact Management with the Rankings

  • What kind of content can be communicated?
  • How and when to ask for a better position within the Rankings
  • When can you ask for the extension of a deadline?

Responsibilities for Ranking tasks within a law firm

  • Task assignment within a law firm / practise group
  • Cooperation with Business Development and Marketing departments
  • Responsibilities of employees responsible for Rankings, especially how to motivate law firm partners to provide feedback

Use of basic project management techniques in rankings

  • Why Rankings must be considered as projects
  • Project Governance, project planning, project control

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