Webinar: How do female lawyers generate business on LinkedIn

Webinar content

  1. The legal profession and sales: General problems of female and male lawyers when it comes to sales
  2. Behavioural differences between women and men in the sales process
  3. LinkedIn as part of law firms’ marketing plans and budgets
  4. LinkedIn strengths compared to other social media
  5. Quantifying: How much business can you actually generate on LinkedIn
  6. Steps before you start selling on LinkedIn
  7. How to set up your personal LinkedIn profile
  8. LinkedIn company profile
  9. Profile settings to avoid overexposure
  10. Keeping LinkedIn professional: Punitive policy
  11. Organising and starting your invitation process
  12. Writing text for invitations: Content and frequency
  13. Posts: Content and frequency
  14. Likes and comments
  15. Articles, LinkedIn InMails
  16. Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  17. Defining your target groups
  18. Pitches / writing mailing texts for your target group: Content and frequency
  19. Develop reference points for a pitch
  20. Leaving LinkedIn: Your sales conference via phone or video
Alexander Gendlin

Webinar tutor Alexander Gendlin

Webinar structure and organisation

  • Interactive webinar.
  • Questions can be asked at any time during the webinar.
  • Many examples of content creation as well as live content creation for e.g. LinkedIn invitations and mailings, LinkedIn post etc.
  • Duration: 2 hours 
  • The webinar is limited to a maximum of 4 participants to ensure a high quality of information sharing. Registration is on a first come first served basis. For larger groups we can provide a special webinar, please see information after the registration. 
  • Price: EUR 250 net / person

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Tailor-made personal sales training for female lawyers

Structure and organisation

  • Individual training according to your specific questions / requirements.
  • Before a training date is set, we will talk about your requirements / goals via a web conference.
  • During this free web conference I will help you to define the topics that are relevant for your training.
  • After the web conference, I will send you the structured plan showing you the content and schedule of your training.
  • The training is conducted online and can be arranged for one person as well as for groups.
Alexander Gendlin

Sales trainer Alexander Gendlin

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