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Portal “Rank the Law Firm Rankings” launched

In order to bring some clarity into the jungle of law firm rankings such as e.g. Chambers, the world’s first portal for evaluating law firm rankings, the Law Firm Rankings Report (, has now been launched. 

Portal Founder is Alexander Gendlin, who is the owner of the consultancy Law Business ( and has worked in the legal industry since 2004.

Amongst others, he is the author of the book “Kompass Kanzlei-Rankings” (Compass Law Firm Rankings), published by three of the largest publishing houses in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland: C H BECK, Manz and Stämpfli. C H BECK alone has a yearly turnover of over 200 million EURO.

The portal is supported by “the ASSOCIATION OF AUSTRIAN CORPORATE COUNSEL”  and now enables law firms to evaluate the rankings themselves for the first rime. Users can cast their votes anonymously after registering.

In addition, 13 Gold Standard Law Firm Rankings have been defined. Only these rankings are placed and evaluated in the portal.

The Gold Standard Law Firm Rankings were selected according to their research system. Only rankings with a proven record of collecting law firm cases from the law firms for research purposes ( were included.

Other rankings arrive at their results by conducting surveys without requesting cases. Although this method also has its justification, the Law Firm Rankings Report considers an approach based on extensive case analysis the better model.

The evaluation of the rankings in the portal consists of the votes of the portal users on the one hand. On the other hand, the entire research methodology of the rankings is evaluated by the portal editors. If, for example, a ranking has very complicated submission forms, points are deducted.

The portal is explicitly not meant to be a shame and blame website. Checks are made to see if there are any suspicious group votes.

The portal evaluates rankings in 17 countries.

We are happy to answer your initial questions on a successful submission free of charge. For information on the topic of law firm rankings, see my book “Compass Law Firm Rankings” (C H Beck, Manz, Stämpfli).
Law Business Managing Partner, Alexander Gendlin