Management Summary


→ Automation of data transfer between all Top Rankings forms.

→ Data is transferred from e.g. Chambers or from internal law firm files to e.g. Legal 500.

→ Data is also transferred from e.g. Chambers to internal proposals / pitches.

→ Insert data from your web into e.g. Chambers.

→ Control of confidentiality and quality.

→ Law firms save 3 – 4 hours per legal field.

→ Low cost, lean solution, monthly cancellation.

Some DigiRanx®️ functions

Smart Convert between all Top-Rankings, your internal submission files, your pitches, and your web.

Smart Convert integrates the experience we have gained in ranking support since 2004. 

We develop customized functions for you.

DigiRanx®️ can be flexibly adapted to your specific requirements.

Smart Convert example 1:

DigiRanx®️ combines two specific e.g. Chambers fields into one Legal 500 field.

Smart Convert example 2:

DigiRanx®️ changes the format of the copied data, e.g. from a comma representation to a line representation.

Smart Convert example 3:

Original Confidential notes in red are also copied in the same color.

Transfer from your law firm internal files to top rankings forms  

→ If you use your own Ranking files created specifically for your law firm, we can create customized solutions for you.

→ This also applies for adding new functions.

Insert the submission data into your proposals / pitches

→ DigiRanx®️ inserts your painstakingly compiled submission data, such as matters, into your law firm-internal proposals/pitches. 

Copy from your website

→ Data such as the profiles of lawyers are imported from your website into ranking forms as well as into your internal law firm files and proposals / pitches.

Check Completeness / Secrecy / Quality of the submission.

→ DigiRanx®️ checks whether your submission is complete and of high quality. 

→ DigiRanx®️ also checks whether your confidential data in the submission are really marked as confidential or are in the confidential part of the submission.  

Integration with your existing software systems

→ In order to transfer the Ranking-relevant data to the Ranking forms as quickly as possible, we create interfaces to your existing systems. 

→ In this way, case descriptions from, e.g. billing systems, can be exported directly to the Chambers matter descriptions.

Uncomplicated installation and use as well as high data security 

→ DigiRanx®️ is installed on your PC in under one minute. 

→ One licence includes an infinite number of workstations and thus saves you organisational effort.

→ Since DigiRanx®️ runs entirely on your PCs at your location (on-premise) and, unlike cloud-based solutions, does not store or send any confidential or personal data outside your law firm, DigiRanx®️ can be used in law firms without hesitation.

Low cost, can be cancelled on a monthly basis 

→ DigiRanx®️ is a lean software that can be put into operation quickly (under 1 minute) without any major requirements.

→ Therefore, in contrast to large, web-based solutions, DigiRanx®️ is by far less expensive – in terms of purchase and maintenance.

Market leader since 2004

→ As the market leader (see quotes from our clients), we have incorporated our collected experience with submissions for Law Firm Rankings collected since 2004 into DigiRanx®️.

→ We have also incorporated the know-how of the world’s only book on Law Firm Rankings, the Compass Law Firm Rankings (published by C H BECK, MANZ, STÄMPFLI), into the development of DigiRanx®️. The book was written by Law Business founder and Managing Partner Alexander Gendlin.

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