Features of DigiRanx®️

Copying data between ranking formats

DigiRanx®️ copies data from one ranking format to another at the click of a button. For example, you can copy your submission from Chambers to Legal 500 to IFLR 1000 to IAM 1000 to MIP and many more.

Of course, the process also goes in the other direction and is possible between all rankings – e.g. from IAM 1000 to Legal 500. The copying can take place between the Word submissions and the Excel files of the client referees.

We can also copy data from Excel to Word and vice versa.

Check completeness / confidentiality / quality of the submission

DigiRanx®️ checks if your submission is completely filled out.

DigiRanx®️ also checks whether your confidential data in the submission is really marked as confidential or is located in the confidential part of the submission. It happens often enough that e.g. at Chambers confidential client names are correctly entered in “Confidential Clients”, but at the same time these names end up in the non-confidential section of the matter descriptions.

At the same time, DigiRanx®️ can search your submission for any data. For example, you can enter 10 secret client names at the same time, and DigiRanx®️ will search the submission for you.

DigiRanx®️ also analyses whether the texts included in your submission are of sufficient length.

Help with selecting mattern and writing content

If you have any questions regarding the selection, texting and other content of the submission, you can obtain the relevant information directly through DigiRanx®️.

Customizing / Special adaptation to your law firm files

If you have created your own ranking files or have special requirements for data transfer between the individual ranking forms, we can create customised solutions for you. This also applies to adding new functions.

Data security and market leadership

Uncomplicated installation and use as well as high data security 

DigiRanx®️ is installed on your PC in under one minuteOne licence includes an infinite number of workstations and thus saves you organisational effort.

Since DigiRanx®️ runs entirely on your PCs at your location (on-premise) and, unlike cloud-based solutions, does not store or send any confidential or personal data outside your law firm, DigiRanx®️ can be used in law firms without hesitation.

Market leader since 2004

As the market leader (see quotes from our clients), we have incorporated our collected experience with submissions for law firm rankings collected since 2004 into DigiRanx®️.

We have also incorporated the know-how of the world’s only book on law firm rankings, the Compass Law Firm Rankings (published by C H BECK, MANZ, STÄMPFLI), into the development of DigiRanx®️. The book was written by Law Business founder and Managing Partner Alexander Gendlin.

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