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Chambers EMEA deadline just after Legal 500

No sooner is the Legal 500 EMEA done on 8.08. than Chambers is already in the starting blocks. On 7.09. countries from EMEA can submit to Chambers.

The fragmentation of the legal fields that can be submitted per country is much higher in Chambers than in Legal 500. For example, only 3 can be submitted in the Netherlands, but 9 in Germany.

However, this has many advantages. For example, law firms do not have to submit all their areas of law at once at the same time. This allows some law firm partners the luxury of enjoying the summer.

We are happy to answer your initial questions on a successful submission to Chambers free of charge.

Alternatively, you can find relevant advice in my book “Compass Law Firm Rankings” (C H Beck, Manz, Stämpfli).

Law Business Managing Partner, Alexander Gendlin